Monday, March 19, 2012


I was introduced to this wonderful tea-time snack while I lived in Pune for a year. This is a typical maharashtrian savoury that I cherish everytime a piece goes into my mouth. A few days ago I had bought local packeted version of bakarwadi and found the masala not tasting as it should have been. That is when I decided to make them myself. Why not a try thought I. Preparation time is about 15 min and garmagaram snack is ready in half an hour. On a rainy evening accompanied by a cup of tea this is an awesome eatery.

Ingredients:1.  Besan flour - 1/4 cup
2.  Maida/all purpose flour - 2 cups
3.  Jeera - 2 tea spoon
4.  Elachi - 2 pods
5.  Cloves - 3
6.  Red Chilli - 4 or 5
7.  Grated Dry coconut - 3 tbspoon
8.  Khus Khus - 2 tsp
9.  Sugar - 1 tsp
10. Red Chilli Powder - 1 tsp
11. Haldi Powder/Turmeric - 1 tsp
12. Amchur powder - 1/2 tsp
13. Salt to taste
14. Tamarind paste - 2 tsp
15. Oil for frying.
16. Curd - 2 tsp.

1. Knead a dough from Besan and maida flour by adding the curd, little salt and required amount of water.[You can add some edible color/turmeric if required].
The dough should be of chapati making consistency. Keep it aside while you prepare the stuffing.
2. In a mixer coarse grind the ingredients from 3 to 13.
3. Make 4 equal portions of the dough and make them into balls.
4. Roll one of them them into a thin chapati and smear the tamarind paste on the top of the rolled out chapati.
5. Then sprinkle the coarsely ground mixture on the chapati.
6. Make another chapati of the same size and repeat the steps 4 and 5.
7. Place the second chapati over the first one.
8. Now slowly twist from one end and roll the layers into a cyclinder.
9. Cut them into small pices so that the layers are evident.
10.Deep fry in oil until crispy brown in color.

Here are two not so great clicks .  I managed to capture them on my cellphone.